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Troop 12 #12ThanksYou Patrol Challenge

CHALLENGE: Submit 10-second videos of you saying "Thank You!" to our essential workers!

  • Deadline for submission is 6/2/2020

  • Each video must be no longer than 10-seconds.

  • How your Patrol earns POINTS:

    • ​Simply saying "Thank You" in uniform is fine, and is worth 1 Point to your Patrol

    • Coordinated continuation videos are better and are worth 3 points to your Patrol for each video.

      • For example, Scout 1 says "The Scouts of Troop 12", Scout 2 says "would like to thank you", is worth​ 6 points

      • NOTE: using the above example exactly without changing it is worth negative 2 points :)

      • Continuation videos must not have the same Scout appearing twice in a row.

    • Getting the Senior Patrol Leader to submit a video for your Patrol is worth 3 bonus points!

    • Getting an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader to submit a video for your Patrol is worth 2 bonus points!

    • Getting the Junior Assistant Scoutmaster to submit a video for your Patrol is worth 1 bonus point!

    • More creative videos can be worth up to 10 points each.​

      • Consider including music, props, "special effects", etc.​

    • Multiple submissions per Scout are allowed, but not duplicates.


  • The Patrol with the highest Points Per Member ratio will win a prize!

    • For example:

      • Patrol A has earned 12 points and has six members (PPM=2)

      • Patrol B has earned 12 points and has four members (PPM=3​)

      • Patrol B wins!

USE YOUR RESOURCES! Look for inspiration online. Ask family members for advice.

NOTE: If the upload link below doesn't work for you, please email your video to: