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MB Month - Safety

Download, print and review the MB Worksheet HERE.


2a. Using a safety checklist approved by your counselor, make an inspection of your home. Identify any hazards found and how these can be corrected.

Download PDF • 280KB

2b. Review and develop your family's fire prevention plan. Review your family's emergency action plan for fire in your home. As you develop these plans with family members, share with them facts about the common causes of fire in the home, such as smoking, cooking, electrical appliances, and candles.

4. Show your family the exits you would use from different public buildings (such as a theater, municipal building, library, supermarket, shopping center , or your place of worship) in the event of an emergency. Teach your family what to do in the event that they need to take shelter in or evacuate a public place.

7. Explain what the National Terrorism Advisory System is and how you would respond to each type of alert.

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