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Our Leather Patch


Our Scouts decide which stamps symbolize which achievements and the list is always growing. Included are: attending summer camp, sleeping under the stars, catching a fish on a troop outing, sleeping in a tent overnight below freezing (polar bear), attending a high-adventure, attending a national/international Scouting event and many more!


Some of the beads are awarded to denote service (such as being elected once as SPL) and some to recognize achievements (such as finishing in the "top three" during a uniform inspection). Others are more light-hearted: a red bead for a pocketknife mishap; a black bead for a cooking mishap; a blue bead for suffering with a flooded/collapsed tent, etc.


The Troop selects a youth "Patchmaster" who has final authority on the policies and procedures for adding new stamps and beads. The Patchmaster (or his delegate) will stamp new-earned stamps at each Troop Meeting and present beads as needed. Scouts are responsible for determining when they've earned a stamp and requesting it from the Patchmaster.

Additional Recognition!


You may have seen our Scouts sporting a sharp Troop 12 leather activity patch on their right uniform pocket and wondered what that was all about. One of Scouts BSA's most important methods is recognizing achievements and accomplishments and Troop 12 has created our one special addition to the standard fair. Upon completing their first overnight event with our Troop, Scouts are awarded a leather patch emblazoned with their name that has 15 empty squares and leather lace to hang it form their uniform pocket flap. Throughout their Scouting adventure with Troop 12, scouts can receive stamps in these 15 squares and beads to hang from the leather lace.


We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it.


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