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Summer Camp!

Pioneer in 2023!

Scouts have voted and we're headed to Camp Frontier in Pioneer Scout Reservation this year. We'll be having all meals in the dining hall. The camp has a number of beautiful lakes, straddles a state line and has an incredible program!

Be sure to let us know you're coming HERE.

Find out more about the camp HERE.

See the 2023 Program Guide HERE.

Use the form below to sign up for merit badges and other programs. Refer to THIS SCHEDULE when choosing your merit badges.

  • SESSION 1 = 9:00-10:00A

  • SESSION 2 = 10:00-11:00A

  • SESSION 3 = 11:00A-12:00P

  • SESSION 4 = 2:00-3:00P

  • SESSION 5 = 3:00-4:00P

NOTE: Some Merit Badges require multiple sessions

New Scouts should select a Morning or Afternoon "Starting Place" Track.


Be sure to check THIS LIST to see the prerequisites for all Merit Badges. These must be done BEFORE arriving at camp in order to complete the Merit Badge.

2023 Summer Camp MB Sign-Up

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