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Here you'll find an assortment of resources for Scouts and Scouters of Troop 12 and Troops across the country. There are online forms we use to collect information to help drive our program, links to Scouting-related websites, and downloadable documents like training guides, duty rosters and even recipe books! If you're visiting from another Troop and would like to use Troop 12-produced materials, feel free! Please do us the courtesy of dropping us a note letting us know how and where you utilized it.

Thanks for looking around!

Assorted forms for use by Scouts and Scouters in Troop 12

Links to Scouting Resources across the Web

Downloadable files to print for use in training, meetings and outings.

Cookbooks, recipes, guides and tips for cooking in the great outdoors.

The method of instruction in Scouting is that of creating in the boy the desire to learn for himself.


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